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Settlement Approved in Car Delivery Charges

In a landmark decision, the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) has approved a settlement between Mark McLaren, Class Representative and CSAV, one of the five defendant shipping groups in the Car Delivery Charges legal action.

CSAV, proposed a settlement of £1.5 million in October, which was heard at the Tribunal and approved on 6 December 2023.

Mark McLaren* is representing millions of motorists and businesses who bought or leased a new car or van, in a claim against five major shipping companies.

In Europe, it is a breach of competition law for competitors to agree on the prices to charge, and divide customers amongst themselves. From October 2006 to September 2012, the shipping companies were in a cartel and exchanged commercially sensitive information, coordinated prices and divided customers amongst themselves, to avoid competing with each other. The cartel is likely to have made the cost of shipping new cars and vans into the UK and Europe higher than it should have been. If new car and van buyers were the victims of the cartel, they will be part of the claim to recover damages from the shipping companies.

*Through Mark McLaren Class Representative Limited, a company set up specifically to bring this claim.

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Class members who were based in the UK on 20 May 2022 are automatically included in the claim unless they choose to opt-out. The deadline (12 August 2022) to opt out has now expired, meaning class members will not be able to opt back in and will not be entitled to a share of any settlement or damages recovered.

“The Commission has sanctioned several companies for colluding in the maritime transport of cars… we will not tolerate anticompetitive behavior affecting European consumers.”


“When UK consumers and businesses purchased or leased a new car, I believe they paid more for the delivery than they should have done. I have spent much of my career working in consumer protection and I strongly believe that compensation should be paid when consumers are harmed by such deliberate, unlawful conduct.”


We're very happy to support this claim against the shipping companies and to hopefully see some redress for consumers who've paid too much for their cars. Buying a car is an expensive process, so any overcharging can make a big difference to car buyers.”


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